Christina Carrasquilla

Teaching Introduction

I advocate for cross disciplinary interactions so learners are aware of the implications their design has on tangential disciplines. This methodology requires developing teaching innovations and collaborations amongst academics, practitioners and learners.


GIT 135: Graphic Communications

Introduction to design – the industry, types, elements, principles, and practice.

Adobe CC Express Icons

GIT 337: Web Content Design

Intermediate web design and development – fixed through reponsive, HTML, CSS.

Adobe XD HTML 5 CSS 3

GIT 402/502: New Media Internet Technology

An exploration of new media – content creation, engagement, and SEO.

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GIT 540: Cross-media Design Solutions

Mastery-level cross-media design – print, web, video, mobile prototypes, 3D, and packaging.

Adobe CC Illustrator Adobe CC Photoshop Adobe CC InDesign Adobe CC Rush Adobe XD

BS GIT – Concentration in Full Stack Development

Degree Proposal Committee Member

This degree includes programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, PHP and .Net Framework. Students will aslo gain additional expertise in motion graphics, photography, print design, project management, visual design, web design or user experience. Learn More about this degree.

BS GIT – Concentration in User Experience

Degree Proposal Committee Member

The User Experience concentration prepares students for creating visual designs based on the needs and wants of the user. In addition to gaining a broad understanding of visual design technologies from core GIT courses, students will also learn to perform user research, analyze data and communicate the results through visual design. Learn More about this degree.

MS in User Experience

Degree Proposal Committee Member

User experience (UX) focuses on the design, development, and evaluation of products and services that are useful, usable and desirable. The UX program addresses UX research, design, content development, communication, tone of voice and evaluation of all components and products with which end users interact. Learn More about this degree.

MS in Extended Realities

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In-person teaching since August, 2012.


Online, asynchronous teaching since August, 2011.


Synchrounous streaming to immersion and online students since March, 2020.


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Graduate Committee Chair

## theses, applies projects, and portfolios mentored.

Undergraduate Mentorship

## honors theses, honors contracts, and capstone projects.

Student Work

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